The county of Pieria is in the southeast edge of central Macedonia. It is located between the county of Thessaloniki and Larisa, on the road network of the National Highway (E75) of Athens – Thessaloniki. The east side ends to Thermaikos Guilf while the north frontier is the river of Aliakmonas, and on the south the river of Pinios, finally, the west side ends on the mountainous volumes of Olympus and Pieria mountains.

The ecosystem of the county of Pieria includes the mountains of Olympus, Pieria and Titators. The forests and the rivers, the coastal wetlands, the lowlands and the sea make up the rich natural environment of the area that also has a wide variety of flora and fauna.
The coasts of Pieria are unique and wide with rare natural beauty, rich golden sand with pebbles, groves and pine tree forests that end to the crystal clear blue, and warm sea. Most of the beaches are organized with all the necessary tourism facilities, cosmopolitan environment and wild night .

The natural beauty of Pieria Mountains inspired our ancestors the “Pierian Muses” that were known in the ancient Greek mythology as goddesses of intellectuality and art. They were the protectors of poetry, singing, music and dance.